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As a studio potter, my goal is to create simple, classic pieces that are functional with everyday living.  Inspired by clean lines and mountain views, I hope to craft pottery that you can add to your home, give as a special gift or…even share a bit of luck.


I am Wishbone Pottery.  Instantly hooked after my first pottery class,  I have been in pursuit of everything clay.  I tend to focus on simplicity and functionality within my work.  


We moved to Colorado almost 9 years ago and I still feel like we live in a calendar.  Exploring Colorado and finding clay has taken me so far out of my comfort zone, but has renewed a curiosity I didn't even know was there.  I am truly inspired by the ever changing natural environment of the world around me and all its beauty, constantly pulling shapes and colors from this incredible landscape. 


Thank you for popping by to visit my site.  Please know that I take much time and care (and a lot of heart) to craft each and every piece.  Working with clay seems to take such a leap of faith (and definitely a fair amount of wishing) for each part of the process to come out just right.  

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