Oh Domino  |  Gloss White

Oh Domino | Gloss White


Oh Domino.  One set of 28 stoneware dominoes + linen bento bag (beautifully handcrafted by Lillicity).  Soft white gloss glaze and super buttery smooth exterior with wishbone detail.  Each domino is thoughtfully and individually cut, smoothed, and sanded for handcrafted finish.  


Leaning back to a simple game that almost all ages can enjoy.  Complete with a lovely linen knapsack to tote along to any outdoor or cozy indoor adventure.  Could also be a sweet and simple handmade gift!  


Dominoes are roughly 1" x 2".


Handwashing recommended. Each piece is handcrafted & may vary.  Soft and gentle hands are required while handling these stoneware dominoes.  

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